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All I can see is red

If I were to kill someone, I don't think I would be mean about it. I would be so excited I would end up being somewhat motherly. I can see myself stroking their hair before my fingers are wrapped around their neck and kissing their lips--sucking the last breath from their body. Maybe even feel a little bit bad the first kill...for about .008474 seconds. It's always easier after the first time.
I wouldn't be one of those note persons or phone calls teasers. I'd just do it and no one would know. I never had the need for recognition to begin with.
I'm glad I can write about it here. With fellow crazies.
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I can understand that completely. I think I would be the same way the first time. Petting their hair and such...everytime. But I would feel no remorse, because in the end we are all "sinners" and have done something wrong. I'd feel as if I was doing society a favor. I think though, I'm accidentally end up targeting the true sick fucks out there like the baby rapists and child molesters, seeing as I was a victim of them when I was little. In the end, that would most likely lead to my capture. *shrugs*
I'd leave some sort of cryptic message somewhere, on a church or something, and let them take me out in a blaze of gunfire. I'm not one to be caged in prison or jail...and suicide is not my cup of tea. *shrugs*
Ohh...good idea for a question...

That sounds lovely. I'd love to be one of your victims in such a beautiful manner.