Lilith del Toluca (catsey) wrote in cannibal_is_me,
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Skull-fucking, anyone?
Nah..."Premade orifices are for pussies."
True. Any thoughts? If you had someone attractive, or not, or whatever you prefer, what non conventional part would you gouge a hole into and fuck? Can't use a hole? Then add a mutilated stump? Amuse me, damn it!

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eye socket. thats hot.
Yeah it is. XD
I guess the belly button. Its halfway there already so carve it out and fuck away.
Go for it. I, myself, would like a beefy heavy chick, cause most heavy dudes have body hair and all, and go with that navel idea. Soft, and comfy to stick stuff into. Severely boney chicks=friction rashes. lol
omg...that's me...*fucks own navel*
If I had a penis, it would be cool to tracheofuck someone.
Oh yeah. lol That or skullfuck. I mean, c'mon...nice semi-warm eyesocket. Squishy and all. lol
I'd totally jam my hypothetical man-meat in there. ^_~